Drawing workshops

Located in the center of Vilnius, the Void & Form Art studio is where I conduct weekly drawing workshops as well as individual lessons.

Observational drawing workshops

Drawing the human figure is a perennial skill and a staple of classical art education. It can also be an end in-and-for itself.

In this workshop we focus on short poses (1 to 20 minutes) in order to grind through the obstacles students and art enthusiasts often face: where to start? How to tackle the pose? What are the fundamentals and how to put them to efficient use?

The workshop is on Wednesdays, 19-21:15, A. Jak┼íto g. 9, room 330. Please register yourself through any email or any social media handle as the space is limited to 6-7 people.

Private lessons

Sometimes people need to learn a very specific skill for their own projects, for example object design, concept sketching, form language, and so on.

I can provide a curriculum based on the person’s individual needs.