Art is for everyone!

Art doesn’t have to be a solitary discipline. It is both giving and receiving. Below are examples of art workshops I have conducted.

Observational drawing courses

  • Observation from still life or live model
  • Teaching the fundamentals of art: gesture, tones, lines, basic perspective and so on
  • Composition and imagination, freeing up from bad drawing habits

Experimental drawing workshops

This exciting workshop series is inspired by performance art, calligraphy, mindfulness exercises and a very personal interest in primal sensory experiences related to mark-making. It is very open-ended and sometimes elicit profound reactions.

  • Mark-making activities involving concentration and mindfulness
  • Synaesthesic experiments using drawing in close relationship with sounds, touching, tasting…
  • Exercises to free the mind and the body from preconceived notions about drawing.

Art workshops for children

Workshops for children are generally a combination of practice from higher art education (fundamentals like colors, observation, shape design) and self-directed experiments inspired by the Reggio / Montessori education system as well as playful approaches to art, following Hervé Tullet’s great workshop series.

Live drawing

Sometimes an organisation or a company want to have an unforgettable, one of a kind memory of a specific event. I can be there and draw the crowd in a discreet manner during the event.

I have conducted lectures and workshops for: