My name is Paul Takahashi, I am a French-born Vilnius-based traditional and digital artist. I obtained my Master’s degree in Painting from the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2017.

My main strength lies in traditional media, particularly drawing. I am now applying this knowledge to digital media. Around this solid artistic background I have built an extra set of skills I strive to constantly improve.

Familiar themes for me are organic forms and shapes, anatomy, natural and artificial textures, science-fiction, dystopian environments and characters, archaic symbolism and languages, but I am certainly not limiting myself to these. I use art as a mean of communication between the organic and the synthetic, the past and the future, the secular and the spiritual.

I am open for work, whether freelancing or a full-time position in Vilnius. In the meantime I organize weekly drawing workshop, as well as continuously practice in order to bring my art further.

Traditional tools


Digital tools


Graphic design

I can provide the complete artwork and design for your CD, DVD, LP, tape, digital release, from the first discussion onward to sending it to the printing press.


I can provide illustrations in traditional or digital media depending on your need.

Concept art

Through online education, I am improving my knowledge regarding concept art, storyboarding and digital illustration.


I have an extensive knowledge of digital photography and editing (post-production). I have also experience in shooting public events, such as performances and conferences.


I organize and teach model drawing workshops and more experimental courses in Vilnius. I can also do live drawing performance.